$Money Mike$ Random Blurb



So it's been quite a long time since I have visited the endangered species otherwise known as my blog. The last couple months have been unbelievably hectic for me and I've had to work harder than ever before in order to set the blueprints for my future.

So much has gone on in my life in the last couple of months and as I sit here watching the NFL Network at 2:42 am for the millionth night in a row, I felt the need to just get shit off my chest.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a very outgoing person, easy to talk to, and very social, but in the last few months I've began to develop a very introverted side to my personality. The people in my inner circle know that no matter what that I'm gonna be there to hold them down, but what I'm cutting back on is unnecessary social interactions with people that have no relevance to my life. What you eat don't make me shit! To those who feel like I've been acting standoffish or brand new, I don't know what to tell you. I honestly have too much important shit going on to deal with the irrelevant things you have to say to me. This may give off an asshole vibe (that many already have of me) but it's absolutely necessary to get to the place I want to be.

Girls right now are a whole nother story. Time is of the essence to me now more than ever, and it is almost impossible to have the time to get to know one very well. The ones I do know that wanna kick it are always turned off because I'm always busy. I'll admit, a guy telling you that he's always studying in the summertime does sound like a BS excuse, but in my case it's fact not fiction. Ehhh fuck it, my motto of late is "On to the next one." I need a girl who is as ambitious as me, and can understand where my priorities are, and if this is found along with a few other important qualities than we may be on to something, but in the meantime keep it movin.

My current thoughts involve how ridiculous Kanye's album is going to be. Ye is hungry, and that means trouble for the game.

In other news, insomnia is a bitch. Going to sleep at 7-8am on the regular is some wack shit.

If the Detroit Lions do not win at least 6 games this season, I may break down and cry.

I want Emmanuelle Chriqui AKA Sloan from Entourage worse than Freddie Prinze Jr. wants a career (shout out to the homie @_TheJuice)

When I go out tomorrow I will be getting dumb, stupid, super duper fresh. Also apply those adjectives, but replace the word "fresh" with the words "fucked up".

Now I'm to the point of my post where I'm just rambling, but it always feels nice to get shit off my chest, and look back months later to see what my state of mind was like. I know I've said this a million times but I'M REALLY GONNA TRY TO KEEP THIS UPDATED.

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