Death By Chocolate



Vincent Smith II died after falling into a a vat of melted chocolate. This is honestly one of the most bizarre death stories I've ever heard. Normally this would be cause for someone to make funny jokes and puns about the situation, but a man DIED in this accident so I will withhold those.

Police were last night investigating the death of a man who fell into a vat of melted chocolate.

Factory worker Vincent Smith II toppled into the mix as he was filling the eight-foot deep tank with hot chocolate.

Detectives said the 29-year-old was dumping giant chunks of chocolate over the side when he was hit by a mixing blade, causing a fatal blow.

Three co-workers at Cocoa Services in Camden, New Jersey, rushed to turn off the machine. But by the time they could get to the unconscious man it was too late.

He had been in the chocolate - which was at a temperature of about 120 degrees - for about ten minutes by the time emergency crews managed to pull him out.

Police said the worker had lost his footing and slipped in at about 10.30am yesterday.

A spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor's Office said two men tried to save the victim.

The company melts down chocolate to send out to companies who make sweets and confectionary.

Mr Smith working on a batch for Hershey's when the accident occurred.

Firefighters at the scene were covered in chocolate, as was a co- worker who was being consoled after his doomed efforts to save the man.

Police said no foul play was suspected. The local Occupational Safety and Health Administration was investigating the accident last night.


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