$Money Mike$'s Random Blurb + PENNY IS GAY!!!



So let me start this one off by saying: Penny Hardaway is gay!!! I know this should not be that big of a deal in this day and age, but it absolutely shocked me. My favorite basketball player of all time (liked him even more than MJ) likes men! This doesn't take away from his accomplishments but it did rattle me quite a bit.

Ahhh back to reality...Only 1 more week of school left and this semester is over, and I'll be able to relax for the rest of the summer. This stupid ass Music Comprehension class is retarded as fuck and I will really be glad when it's over. My English teacher has handed me out 2 A's on both papers we wrote so I'm pretty much guaranteed the 4.0 in there.

At work yesterday I was infuriated when my manager told me that she could not accommodate my vacation time request. The whole month of July was booked up for other people to take vacations including herself taking a week, so I asked her for the 1st week of August so I can get out to LA. She then tells me that it "doesn't suit our business needs at the moment". What kind of fuckin shit is that seriously? The even bigger bullshit about it is another co-worker who just took 3 weeks off to go to Greece is being allowed to take 4 days to go to NY in the week that I wanted to take!!! I've calmed myself down a little bit since yesterday but I'm still extremely pissed about this. Hopefully this situation can get worked out.

On the bright side there are some great opportunities right around the corner for me right now and once my semester is over I will have much more time to focus on these ventures and get back to posting on the blog more frequently. This last month has been a very stressful one and I think what I really need right now is a girl "That'll come by my bed late, see if my head ache, Then get my head straight, then give me head, great." All the females I've met lately are on some BULLSHIT and I really don't have the time to play games or send mixed signals that they love, so this is the reason they've been getting cut off. The shit just gets childish after awhile and you should really be old enough to just say or act how you feel and not have to worry about what others are gonna think of you or your decisions.

Keep following the blog and showing love...I got some homework I gotta get crackin on so I'll be postin a little bit later...

- $Money Mike$


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this nigga always got that mixed frequency with the bitches.. and u just had to show the LV in the pic didnt u lmfaoooooooo

You already know what the bitch frequency is like...and honestly the LV in the pic was just a coincidence I didn't even see it ;-)

Money Mike LaFlare.. The last part of the blog, about acting how you feel and not having to worry about what others are gonna think of your decisions. You wrote that for me, huh? Well, before you know it.. You'll have you a bad bitch!

Na babygirl I'm talkin about the chicks I been dealin with...You I could care less how others feel about my decisions haha.

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