BAPE Slip Off



Slip on's have been done to death the past couple of years, but I do think the lightning bolts on these is a dope pattern. Knowing BAPE they'll be super overpriced but I guess we'll see. Hit the jump for full article and more pics.

ARTICLE via NiceKicks:
Nigo, the Japanese producer/creator of Bape, has yet again tweaked one of its more popular design, the Slip-On, for a special Summer 2010 release entitled the “A Bathing Ape Slip-Off.” The kicks feature a solid colored canvas uppers in navy and red, off-white vulcanized mid-soles, leather inner ankle liners, and most distinctively, white “Sta’s” embroidered throughout the upper. With BAPE products retaining their “exclusive” status and limited quantities since their inception in 1993, will this be a piece you search for and purchase this summer?


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